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2022-2023 Executive Board

Maya Zalewski - President

Year: Junior
Hometown: Rockland County, NY
Major: Biobehavior
al Health

Minor: Biology & Neuroscience
I joined AED because..."
I wanted to be a part of a community of 


like-minded individuals working toward the common goal of providing equitable and adequate healthcare to those in need. AED also has a lot to offer when it comes to networking with both peers but also healthcare providers themselves when they come to speak at meetings, and the plethora of opportunities allows for both personal development, growth, and team-building skills. AED has really allowed me to open up and meet my closest friends all while building a supportive community! I am so excited for the upcoming year and look forward to furthering the development and potential that AED has to offer!"

Lauren Spadt - Vice President

Year: Senior
Hometown: Warrington, PA
Major: Biomedical Engineering
I joined AED because..."it’s such an inspiring community of people who come together to help each other professionally and personally. I love making new friends, from peers to expert speakers! This club is full of joy.”

lauren aed pro pic.png
Alycia Auerbeck - Secretary

Year: Senior
Hometown: Hollidaysburg, PA
Major: Biology - Neuroscience

Minor: Psychological Sciences
I joined AED because..."it provided me the opportunity to engage in both intellectual and professional efforts. It is inspiring and uplifting to be surrounded by other pre-health students with common goals and interests."

Alex Auerbeck - Treasurer

Year: Senior
Hometown: Hollidaysburg, PA
Major: Biology - Vertebrate Physiology 

Minor: Health Policy and Administration
I joined AED because..."of the welcoming, supportive environment it provides. Our club members, speakers, and advisors continue to help me grow academically and socially. Being apart of a club so passionate and dedicated to their goals is such a motivating and rewarding experience!"

Alex AED 3.jpg
Dipesh Patel - Public Relations Director

Year: Senior
Hometown: Hazlet, New Jersey
Major: Biology - Vertebrate Physiology

Minor: Psychology & Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
I joined AED because..."
I want to be able to leave a positive impact on my 

community and being a part of this organization is an amazing way to do this. Being able to give back to society as well as guide other students through their college journey is such an honor and I cherish every moment of it. AED helped me navigate my underclassmen years and now as an executive board member, I am excited to be able to help others going through what I have been through in prior years."

Shreya Gulati - THON Chair

Year: Senior
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Major: Pre-Medicine

Minor: Psychology
I joined AED because..." 
it’s such an amazing community of people who are


 incredibly passionate about medicine and healthcare. AED has given me so many opportunities for me to grow professionally, and I have also met some of my closest friends in AED! Everyone in AED—peers, speakers, and advisors alike—has greatly impacted my undergraduate years at Penn State, and I look forward to helping other AED members in the same way as an executive board member!"

Alaina Shaffer - Family Relations Chair

Year: Senior
Hometown: Uniontown, PA
Major: Immunology and Infectious Disease

Minor: Microbiology
I joined AED because..."it gave me an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. AED has amazing resources to help me navigate my pre Physician Assistant journey! It’s a lot of fun and provided me with friendships both with our members and our amazing THON families!"

Maddy Edwards - Diversity Health Taskforce Director

Year: Senior
Hometown: State College, PA
Major: Biology

Minor: Women's Studies
I joined AED because..."I wanted to be a part of a supportive community of Penn State students involved in medicine and make friends with similar interests! I am very thankful for all the opportunities, friendships, and leadership experience that AED has given me."

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