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2023-2024 Executive Board

Maya Zalewski - President

Year: Senior
Hometown: Rockland County, NY
Major: Biobehavior
al Health

Minor: Biology & Neuroscience
I joined AED because..."
I wanted to be a part of a community of 


like-minded individuals working toward the common goal of providing equitable and adequate healthcare to those in need. AED also has a lot to offer when it comes to networking with both peers but also healthcare providers themselves when they come to speak at meetings, and the plethora of opportunities allows for both personal development, growth, and team-building skills. AED has really allowed me to open up and meet my closest friends all while building a supportive community! I am so excited for the upcoming year and look forward to furthering the development and potential that AED has to offer!"

Hannah Mirshahi - Vice President

Year: Junior
Hometown: Lewisburg, PA
Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
I joined AED because..."it’s an amazing group of passionate, driven leaders dedicated to reaching our common goal of careers in healthcare. It's inclusive community and unmatched resources make this organization such a great support system for students navigating the pre-health journey. And above all, the diligence, creativity, and empathy shown by AED members is extremely inspiring and is helping shape the future of leadership in healthcare.

HSM - Hannah Mirshahi_edited.jpg
Jennifer Acocella - Secretary

Year: Senior
Hometown: Westchester, NY
Major: Psychology - Neuroscience

Minors: Biology & Neuroscience
I joined AED because...
"I was in need of a supportive group of people who shared my passion for healthcare and constantly rooted for my success in the profession. I immediately felt at home with AED and benefitted greatly from the amazing friends and resources it provided me with. Our club members are incredibly passionate, supportive, and drive me to be the best I can be!"

Cade Walker - Treasurer

Year: Senior
Hometown: Bigler, PA
Major: Biobehavioral Health

Minor: Global Health & Biology
I joined AED because...
"it provided the foundation to grow while also connecting with my peers in a more meaningful way. AED gave me an outlet to cultivate relationships with like-minded people who had similar goals and passions as me while giving me the opportunity to grow academically and professionally through the numerous resources the club provides. Having a strong support system of friends facing the same challenges keeps me motivated and inspired."

IMG_6540 - Cade Walker.png
Andres Hollenbeck - Public Relations
IMG_2154 - Andres Hollenbeck_edited.jpg

Year: Senior
Hometown: San Diego, Encinitas California
Major: Science - Health Professions Option

Minor: Psychology
I joined AED because..."
I felt separated from other students in my field of study. As a result, I joined AED to be surrounded by others with the same career goals as myself. The strenuous journey to create a career in medicine is long, but AED gives me the needed resources, support, and friendships to keep me motivated everyday."

Joanna Delaney - THON Chair

Year: Senior
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Major: Kinesiology & Master's in Public Health

I joined AED because... "I wanted to join a community of like-minded individuals with a passion for healthcare and making the world a better place. Being around people who have similar ideas and desires really helps to connect and meet people that will help you personally and professionally."

IMG_0987 - Joanna Delaney.JPG
Om Pattarkine - Family Relations Chair

Year: Junior
Hometown: Mechanicsburg, PA
Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

I joined AED because... "I have a passion for medicine and this seemed like a very great opportunity to utilize that. This club has a lot to offer in terms of chances for you to explore the world of medicine and help you decide the right path for you."

untitled-9411 - Om Pattarkine.jpeg
Mikaili Puckerine - Diversity Health Taskforce Director

Year: Senior
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Major: Biology - Neuroscience

Minors: Neuroscience & Psychology
I joined AED because...
"it was inspiring to meet many motivated people in the pre-health field. This encouraged me to work harder towards my goals and, more importantly, to learn and grow from others who operate at a higher level than myself. AED offers exposure to a wide range of career paths in the healthcare field, which was helpful for me in narrowing down what I wanted to pursue. My best advice is to embrace discomfort, as this environment is perfect for pushing yourself and making the most of your time here at Penn State."

ECD0D6AE-C279-4196-934B-62712714C363_Original - Mikaili Puckerine.jpeg
Laura Cooney - Diversity Health Taskforce Discussion Director

Year: Junior
Hometown: Pennsburg, PA
Major: Biology

I joined AED because..."I wanted to be part of a support system of people who had similar goals and uplifted each other."

AED picture - Laura Cooney.jpeg
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